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By Joan Andrews, Ready To Work Business Collaborative

The high tech industry is rife with examples of companies that take pride in being on the ‘leading-edge’ of technology solutions. The most prized technologies are advanced, sophisticated, and innovative. But who are the companies that are addressing the leading-edge of talent acquisition?

By Monique Satterfield, RTWBC

Diversity in the workforce remains a hot-button issue. However, if we apply the diversity lens to the bigger picture of workforce evolution since the 1950s – when social upheaval triggered seismic shifts in our society and economy – tremendous progress has been made.

By Ashley Smith, Contributor, RTWBC

Coding boot camps? That’s old news. The boot camp model is ubiquitous in the coding space these days, and for good reason. They are garnering continued momentum due to their measured success and obvious ROI. But what about boot camps for Career and Technical Education

By Monique Satterfield, RTWBC

Is a career in banking desirable to millennials? Trends over the last decade years indicate that the lure of this career track has been waning amongst college graduates. While a career in banking may not hold the same excitement and allure it once did, the reality is banking 

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