eConvenings February graphicWebinar: Wednesday February 13, 2018, 2pm

Robust Recruiting: Ruling In, Not Out

How To Train Your Talent Acquisition Team To Advocate For Both Your Business And Your Candidates

As the labor market tightens, talent acquisition professionals in 2018 are tasked to fill increasingly specialized positions with shifting talent pools. Skills for today’s jobs are a moving target and the workforce is evolving rapidly. Talent professionals today must expand their talent pool to include targeted non-traditional education such as credentials and apprenticeships and must also use emerging technologies, data analytics and AI to find the right skilled workers in this evolving market.

Employers will staff on-demand and gig positions, offer alternative work arrangements, emphasize skills over formal education to increase diversity, target passive candidates, and provide ways to rule in candidates that fit their culture and brand in order to improve retention, and not rule candidates out based on outmoded criteria.

More important than the changing trends is the need for employers to maintain focus on maturing practices such as strategic use of recruitment marketing and employer branding; measuring quality of hire; improving the candidate experience; and the shift toward mobile search functionality. This webinar will address such issues that arise with the changing hiring landscape and provide the tools to help you build, restructure, and refine your hiring process.

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eConvenings-graphicWebinars: January 24 & January 31, 2018

Ready to take your hiring game to the next level? Intrigued by apprenticeships but not sure if the effort is worth it? Join the Ready to Work Business Collaborative and Hope Street Group for a webinar that examines real-life implementations of the apprenticeship model and the on-the-ground challenges, lessons, and benefits they delivered. You’ll walk away with a clear understanding of the positive impact apprenticeships have on students and the community and the direct benefits organizations derive. Following the discussion, you will be guided through a workshop designed to help employers navigate the apprenticeship design and implementation process. The workshop also provides attendees with comprehensive resources for ongoing help and support in the apprenticeship building process. This webinar is designed for both employers and educators.

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eConvenings-graphicWebinars: October 31 & November 1, 2017

Celebrating Work-Based Learning, Ready To Work Business Collaborative (RTWBC) hosted its first virtual conference promoting partnerships between employers and educators. In this two-part live discussion, panelists addressed the skills gap and how apprenticeships and work-based learning partnerships are offering a practical solution for employers large and small. Key issues are the current and future demand in areas like manufacturing, healthcare and IT. This is the first in a series of Virtual Leadership Roundtables designed for corporate executives, talent acquisition professionals, workforce organization professionals, school and community college faculty, diversity and inclusion managers and professionals responsible for learning and development. The event was co-sponsored by The Manufacturing Institute and Hope Street Group.

Click Here for the agenda, bios and video recordings of the events.

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