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LTU Toolkit for HiringThis guide for employers provides an overview of LTU issues, tapping into this frequently overlooked talent pool, a Maturity Model of assessing your company, and a toolkit with resources for hiring the LTU. By Deloitte / 77 Pages



The MN Urban League is a non-profit organization in Minneapolis that was founded in 1926. The MNUL works in conjunction with employers such as Best Buy, Comcast and several banking institutions. As a result of training programs, MNUL has been fortunate enough to provide direct hires.

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By Beverly Riddick, RTWBC

Picture this: You’ve just nailed the interview. The affable ‘Gen X’ hiring manager is walking you out to the elevator. Suddenly she stops, looks around the open-plan office layout and then turns to you: “Do you think you will fit in here?”

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By Joan Andrews, Ready To Work Business Collaborative

The high tech industry is rife with examples of companies that take pride in being on the ‘leading-edge’ of technology solutions. The most prized technologies are advanced, sophisticated, and innovative. But who are the companies that are addressing the leading-edge of talent acquisition?

By Monique Satterfield, RTWBC

Is a career in banking desirable to millennials? Trends over the last decade years indicate that the lure of this career track has been waning amongst college graduates. While a career in banking may not hold the same excitement and allure it once did, the reality is banking 

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Association House of Chicago is a community based organization founded in 1899. Association House of Chicago is non-profit and offers a variety of community services and additionally, training. Association House of Chicago has two job training programs:

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Work Based Learning Policy

Lower barriers to entry and the rise of ecosystems and integrated value chains are eroding organizational boundaries and spurring convergence. Automation, the need for digital skills, demographic shifts and globalization are upending labor supply and demand. The future is in flux.

Advances in talent analytics are finally allowing workforce planning to become as dynamic as this environment. Prescriptive analytics tools help organizations go beyond describing “what is happening now” or “what might happen in the future” to control “what should happen.”


Long Term Unemployed: A Place in Your Workspace

This blog post provides a quick overview of the LTU issue with statistics from a report by Payscale, mentions the White House initiative for getting the long-term unemployed back to work, and tips for accessing this talent pool. By Brightmove / 11.11.16


February 15, 2018

Maturity Really Does Work

Maturity Works

Article reprinted with permission from REPUBLICAN-AMERICAN with input from Beverly M. Riddick, Executive Director of RTWBC.

Senior Community Service Employment is a program run by the state Connecticut Department of Labor that trains applicants who meet its requirements in positions for employment in non-profits throughout the region – anything from food production in the city’s soup kitchen to administrative assistant work in the Department of Labor.


Work Based Learning Policy

This National Skills Coalition Toolkit is for the benefit of state policymakers and other advocates to strengthen collaboration among employers, workforce investment boards and jobseekers, to meet middle skills training objectives.


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