Overlooked Experience and Talent Build an Innovative Talent Pipeline Including The Unemployed

Overlooked Experience and Value:  

Build An Innovative Talent Pipeline Including the Long Term Unemployed/Older Workers

April 25, 2018 - 2pm EST


Businesses succeed when their communities thrive. Recognize the benefits of engaging experienced, yet untapped talent, including the long-term unemployed. Upskilled long-term unemployed job seekers can bring real value to your company.  They are a qualified and motivated talent pool that you may be inadvertently overlooking thereby preventing your company from meeting critical goals and objectives.

Studies show that long-term unemployed job applicants are frequently overlooked and sometimes excluded from job opportunities—even when they may have identical resumes and skills to other candidates. Employers can reduce sourcing costs by utilizing workforce and non-profit organizations as an alternative talent pipeline that identifies capable, pre-screened candidates.

Hiring the long-term unemployed can also achieve business objectives by: filling costly open positions with upskilled talent, improving retention rates due to greater company loyalty among the previously long-term unemployed, investing in local communities where long-term unemployed are located, capitalizing on market brand while realizing corporate social responsibility goals, and vastly expanding innovation, diversity, and inclusion.

  • Have you reviewed your company’s screening and evaluation process so it does not intentionally or inadvertently (1) provide barriers toward filling critical jobs and (2) filter out vs filter in individuals for employment consideration based solely on their unemployment status

  • Is there a value and/or cost to “overqualified” applicants?

  • Are employers working with educators for qualified skilled workers?

  • What ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ competencies do older experienced workers bring to an employer?

  • What is the real ROI of the upskilled, reskilled and professional experience of the long-term unemployed?

  • Is there an unintentional bias towards the long-term unemployed?



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