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September 07, 2017

Associate House of Chicago Financial Career Training


Association House of Chicago is a community based organization founded in 1899. Association House of Chicago is non-profit and offers a variety of community services and additionally, training. Association House of Chicago has two job training programs:

1. Microsoft Office Suite Training program:

  • Teaches computer and internet basics 
  • Already employed people may register to polish their skills.
  • Training is based on curriculum created by Microsoft 

For the second training program, Association House partners with BankWork$ which is supported by 12 financial institutions and the Sheri and Les Biller Family Foundation who fund the program.  

2. Financial Career Training program requirements:

  •  Must be 18, standard background checks apply.
  • High School diploma or GED required.
  • Applicants must score accordingly on the basic skills assessment called “TABE”
  • If applicant scores do not meet target, they may be placed with a tutor
  • Training curriculum is provided through their partnership with Bank Work$
  • Training is 8-weeks in length
    • retention rate: 96% after 90 days
    • Graduation rate: 82%
  • There are about 4 cohorts per year for this training program, training 30 per cohort
    •  85% placement rate

Upon completion of AHC’s Financial Career Training Program, trainees will receive a certification of completion marked with an official AHC and Bank Work$ logo. 

As Association of House of Chicago’s partnership with Bank Work$ reaches their 1-year anniversary, they continue to track placements retention rates.  

Participant Success story:

Financial Careers Training Program 

As a young single mother of two, Lisa* struggled to support her family working low-wage jobs. While she had earned her GED, Lisa found it difficult to find positions that promised the career development and growth that she so desired for herself.

Lisa first learned of Association House of Chicago’s (AHC) Financial Careers Training Program through an advertisement on Facebook. She applied and was accepted into the program. AHC’s Workforce Development staff was impressed by Lisa’s very high-level of professionalism, maturity, and previous employment experience in sales and cash-handling. Lisa commuted from her home on the south-side of Chicago to AHC, located in Chicago’s Humboldt Park neighborhood, three days each week for class.

Lisa graduated in both Chicago’s and Association House’s very first Financial Careers Training Program cohort. With her outgoing personality and ability to speak fluent Spanish, Lisa was a very popular candidate at the onsite Career Fair, which followed the program’s graduation ceremony. Lisa received three official job offers from AHC’s bank partners. Lisa decided to accept the offer from a large national bank, which she felt could provide her with the opportunities for career development and growth that she desires. Lisa is currently working part-time, and looks forward to being promoted to a Personal Banker position, soon. After gaining more work experience, Lisa plans to eventually pursue higher education, through her company’s tuition reimbursement program, and study finance.

*Participant’s name has been changed for confidentiality.

To learn more visit:

Email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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