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Recruiters Toolkit For Hiring Veterans

LTU Toolkit for HiringThis toolkit guides HR professionals and business leaders in how to effectively source, assimilate and support all military-connected talent (veterans, guard, reservists and their supporting family members) in the work-place. It also describes how to assess an organization’s culture and resources related to military-connected employees, and how to develop initiatives that will best fulfill the organization’s needs. It may make sense for your organization to take the 10 steps that follow in the order presented. Or, you may take the steps in a different order if that makes more sense in your environment. You might even skip some steps if you already have certain things in place. Consider the steps as touch points for you to think about and act on and perhaps circle back to at various developmental stages in your program.


Best Practices For Hiring Veterans

LTU Toolkit for HiringVeteran skills and experience don’t always fit into a standard application. If and when veterans do apply, do you have a team that can understand the military language? Can you translate those achievements and place that veteran in the best position for their skill? You need a formal program to attract veterans, process their applications, interview them and help them transition into your civilian workforce. From PeopleScout.


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Ready To Work Business Collaborative works cooperatively to help employers develop hiring best practices that target the long-term unemployed, underemployed, people with disabilities, military veterans, and Opportunity Youth.

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