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The Coalition for Workforce Diversity in Louisville, KY. The coalition recognizes the large pool of individuals with various disabilities who are eager to work but are underrepresented in terms of employment. They work hand in hand with employers to support and facilitate the recruitment and hiring process for individuals with disabilities..

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  • Industry Manufacturing, Banking, Automotive


Workforce Opportunity Services (WOS) is a non-profit organization launched in 2005 serving employers and communities nationwide. The program is an outgrowth of research done by Dr. Art Langer from Columbia University.

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  • Industry IT, Banking

Liberal Arts at the OfficeCollege for America addresses the skills gap head on. Point number 1: Employers and Educators “Hearing one another”. Read about solutions and the different pathways to success. Academia can build the skills needed. By College for America / 18 Pages


The Business Case for UpskillingThis fact sheet makes the case that companies have a powerful stake in the skills of their frontline employees, and highlights one employer example that demonstrates the economic benefits of investing in worker skill building. By National Skills Coalition / 2 pages


Work Based Learning Policy

Lower barriers to entry and the rise of ecosystems and integrated value chains are eroding organizational boundaries and spurring convergence. Automation, the need for digital skills, demographic shifts and globalization are upending labor supply and demand. The future is in flux.

Advances in talent analytics are finally allowing workforce planning to become as dynamic as this environment. Prescriptive analytics tools help organizations go beyond describing “what is happening now” or “what might happen in the future” to control “what should happen.”


RTWBC Evaluation Chart

RTWBC has reached out to over 100 higher education institutions, including non-profit and for profit institutions, training institutions, online universities and bootcamps over the past 12 months in order to analyze the current state of education. We targeted post-secondary institutions and their employer partners in order to examine the relationships that generate non-traditional career pathways while addressing the skills gap. We have observed educational institutions at all levels and employers collaborating to find replicable solutions that prepare people to enter and sustain the workforce. Education and career pathways are at a precipice of change and ripe for disruption. The future of work and the middle skills gap will clearly influence enrollment and career paths.


Talent Pipeline Management Academy Curriculum-Introduction

After extensive research and cross-country convenings, in 2014 we launched the TPM Initiative with the release of our white paper Managing the Talent Pipeline: A New Approach to Closing the Skills Gap. In November of that year, we held our first national conference to invite the ready and willing to be a part of the TPM Pilot Program.


By Ashley Smith, Contributor, RTWBC

Why does anyone pursue higher education and training? To get a better job when they graduate. Unfortunately, there remains a chasm between education and industry: students often do not graduate with the skills employers look for, so those ‘better jobs’ are difficult to land.

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  • Industry Manufacturing, Technology, Automotive

By Beverly M. Riddick, RTWBC

PG&E, a founding member of the Ready to Work Business Collaborative, is dedicated to the training and development of the next generation of utility workers. The company’s PowerPathway program is a major part of its efforts to recruit and develop skilled, diverse and qualified talent.

By Joan Andrews, RTWBC

Did you know that doctors became physicians through apprenticeships until 1845?  

Or that Ben Franklin became a master printer through an apprenticeship?

… getting the idea?

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Ready To Work Business Collaborative works cooperatively to help employers develop hiring best practices that target the long-term unemployed, underemployed, people with disabilities, military veterans, and Opportunity Youth.

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