The RTWBC would like to thank all those who participated and all those who joined us both in person and online for our third in a series of Employer Leadership Roundtables as we promoted the business case for employers to implement more inclusive hiring practices.

Keynote Speaker: Chuck Edward, Head of Global Talent Acquisition, Microsoft

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Your connection to skilled LTU workers

We are an employer-led coalition that enables employers to see the business value in hiring ready to work talent: long term unemployed, under-employed, veterans, people with disabilities and opportunity youth, an untapped labor pool that has been upskilled or re-skilled to meet the needs of today’s evolving economy.
“The Ready To Work Business Collaborative helps businesses by connecting them with the government agencies and workforce intermediaries that bring qualified and pre-screened talent and employers together.”
 — Beverly M. Riddick, Executive Director

Ready To Work Business Collaborative Ambassadors

Christopher Hill, Director of Talent Acquisition, U.S. Bank

Worker 1
Worker 2
Worker 3

People who want to work and who can
contribute to your business are not
getting through the HR gatekeepers.

Who Are These People?

“Ready to work” is a subset of the U.S. labor market who have been reskilled or upskilled and are looking for employment.

  • Veterans
  • People with disabilities
  • Opportunity youth
  • The underemployed
  • The long-term unemployed (LTU)

Your business can benefit from this pool of skilled labor.


of the LTU have college degrees

What You Can Do

EMPLOYERS can make hiring the ready to work a C-suite priority.

WORKFORCE INTERMEDIARIES can help bridge the gap between employees and employers.

POLICY MAKERS AND GRANT MAKERS can help us better understand the issue and recommend standards.

Join Our Advisory Board

Be a thought leader who develops hiring best practices targeted at ready to work talent.


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