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The Ready To Work Business Collaborative is a nonpartisan business-led organization that brings together employers who are interested in successfully hiring and retaining ready to work talent consisting of the long-term unemployed, the under-employed, people with disabilities, veterans, and opportunity youth.

This initiative evolved out of a 2014 White House Call to Action in which 350 employers signed on to address the issue of long-term unemployment. These corporations and employers are prepared to hire prescreened ready to work talent, deepen their connections with the local community, lower recruitment costs, and achieve corporate social responsibility goals.

The Ready To Work Business Collaborative is leading the way by connecting employers with workforce intermediaries, as well as colleges and universities, by creating best practices for hiring, and advocating for policies that benefit the long-term-unemployed.

Beverly Riddick
Beverly M. Riddick
Executive Director
“We are here to respond to this long-standing need by serving as a facilitator to bring parties together and to give the issue the attention it deserves. Working together, we can help corporations fill their workforce pipelines, address the needs of the long-term-unemployed, and grow our economy. I invite you to join us.”

Our Purpose

To help employers achieve their goals by enabling them to see the value in those who are ready to work and act upon this knowledge.

Our Vision

An economy in which employers see ready to work individuals as a key asset toward achieving their employment and performance goals.

Our Mission

To facilitate collaboration between employers, workforce intermediaries, and policy makers who are committed to helping individuals who are ready to work.

The Collaborative acts as a connector between parties to facilitate a more robust workforce for all.

What We Do


Educate employers about the benefits of skill-based, inclusive hiring.


Leverage the collective action of employers to achieve hiring goals that would be hard for one employer to do.


Enhance collaboration between three stakeholder communities: employers, workforce development intermediaries, and policy makers.


Identify the opportunities to create new linkages, test best practices, and create a sustainable model for long-term collaboration and partnership.


Accelerate the development of tools and technology
to help employers implement skill-based hiring.


Influence public policy to increase employment opportunities for people who are ready to work.

What Success Looks Like

  • Workers are contributing to society rather than missing mortgage payments, going on disability or taking early Social Security benefits.
  • A more diverse workforce leads to innovative products and services.
  • The unemployment rate goes down.
  • Productivity goes up.
  • Business profits grow.

Join Our Advisory Board

Be a thought leader who develops hiring best practices targeted at ready to work talent.


Tax-deductible donations made payable to Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors,
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Learn More About The Collaborative

RTW Press Kit

Ready To Work Business Collaborative Overview

This 7-page PDF describes how the Ready To Work Business Collaborative was founded, its strategy for accelerating the employment of RTW talent, and signers of the White House Call to Action.

Ready To Work Business Collaborative
2017 Annual Report

Read about our milestones, goals and our collaboration with new partners and intermediaries as we move into our second year. / 8 pages

White House Press Release

White House News Release: Launch

List best practices for recruiting and hiring the long-term unemployed, and contains a list of companies committed to doing so.

RTWBC Press Release

Ready To Work Business Collaborative News Release: Launch

Ready To Work Business Collaborative Announces Initiative to Promote Hiring of Long-Term Unemployed and Other Talented Job Candidates.

Advisory Board


Wells Fargo

Lance LaVergne


Ananda Baron


Kerry Gumm


Marietta Cozzi

U.S. Bank

Christopher Hill

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