Small Business Ideas for Women

Small Business Ideas for Women

2019 is a great year for aspiring entrepreneurs, in an age where there’s so much to explore. Today’s business landscape is more digitally advanced than ever before, where the presence of modern technology has opened doors for emerging companies.

Today’s diverse markets have generated various business ideas for women, with a realistic chance to start from home. There are many financial opportunities to take advantage of too, where women can leverage startup capital from grants to fulfill their ambitions.

If you’re seeking inspiration for starting a new company but wondering how to get started, here are some great small business ideas for you to sink your teeth into:

Facebook Marketing

Facebook has an incredible outreach. With such large audiences regularly tuning into the platform, there are numerous opportunities to market a product or service to thousands of users across the globe.

Facebook has an incredible advertising platform. It offers free training for Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network. When consolidated with additional training there is a genuine opportunity to master Facebook advertising and bring your skills to local businesses.

Companies are increasingly turning to social media marketing as a favorable marketing route, meaning marketing skills are highly sought after. You’ll be open to various collaborations, with a job which can be done any time, any place. This level of flexibility is highly suitable for moms, or for any woman who’s seeking some independence and freedom from the corporate setting.

Mini School Service

As a business owner, you’ll want to address a problem commonly experienced by people in a similar position to you. By forming a business that tackles relatable customer pain points, you’ll be able to deliver maximum value to consumers, while addressing common issues you know exist.

If you live in an area occupied by moms who struggle to arrange transport to drop their kids to and from school, why not create an ‘Uber’ service of sorts? This will enable kids to commute in an organized fashion.

A business of this nature doesn’t require much in the way of resources, where a great starting point is purchasing a minivan. The concept of a reliable school taxi service is appealing, one which can quickly expand based on current demand.

With a business of this nature, parents will pay a monthly fee for your services. This is a great side hustle, especially if you usually drop your kids to school anyway!

Freelancing Business

Now is a great time to start a freelancing business, especially in an age where technology has enabled us to reach new standards of excellence. We can execute so much from the comfort of our digital devices.

Building a business around an existing skill is a great way to forge an exciting career. For example, if you’re a content writer you could expand your horizons by running a freelance content writing business.

What’s great about freelancing is that you can work at your own leisure, gathering clients as and when you see fit. You’ll also benefit from not having to invest too much upfront, meaning you can kickstart your dream job on a shoestring budget.

Interior Decorating

Breathe life into an industry that isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Interior design enables you to work from home, meaning you’ll have ample opportunity to spend time with the family. You’ll acquire various transferable skills that can be applied across multiple industries.

It’s worth gaining a competitive edge by securing a certification or affiliated membership club. However, there’s nothing stopping you from starting without it. Though some traders will ask for your membership number, when you explain why you don’t need one it’s rarely held against you.


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