Prudential Financial’s Companywide Commitment Broadens Hiring Base

February 15, 2017
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Prudential Financial recently joined the Advisory Board of the Ready To Work Business Collaborative after answering the White House call to action to rethink the hiring of ready to work talent.

“Employers must be involved. Prudential has a long standing commitment to community, inclusion, employee and company quality in their recruiting, civic responsibilities and business practices,” said Marietta Cozzi, Vice President, Human Resources says.

“For people who lack an education or the skills necessary to compete in today’s economy, securing employment may be challenging.

This mission of thought leadership and community involvement resounds loudly within the walls of Prudential. Throughout its 140+ year history, Prudential has been committed to hiring an inclusive workforce. They have implemented targeted programs around veterans initiatives, campus recruiting and internships, outreach to people with disabilities, and opportunity youth as well as community involvement.

For people who lack an education or the skills necessary to compete in today’s economy, securing employment may be challenging. Prudential supports academic readiness and skill-building efforts aimed at improving the ability of people to secure quality jobs.

A Commitment to Hiring Veterans


Prudential remains committed to the hiring challenges facing veterans and their transition to civilian work. The company helps veterans transition to a civilian workforce, and recruits former military at all levels. Prudential continues to support their transition in the workplace with mentorship programs both within Prudential and within the community through the creation of regional Veteran Operation Centers.

In addition to traditional internships offered by Prudential to college students, the company has an innovative program, ADAPT (Abled & Disabled Associates Partnering Together). Disabled individuals are encouraged to apply and are matched with summer internships throughout the company. Providing comprehensive disability awareness training to hiring managers and employees ensures an inclusive work and learning experience. Prudential benefits from the ADAPT internship program by attracting qualified students with disabilities as job candidates and transforming employee perceptions of individuals with disabilities.

Communications and education are key to their initiatives. Every employee is an ambassador for Prudential and its social responsibility practices. The talent acquisition team and hiring managers are trained to look for skills on a resume and in an interview that might not be obvious but demonstrate the value of the candidate and their teachability.

Prudential is proud to have contributed to and been part of the research with Deloitte and The Rockefeller Foundation for the employer’s handbook, A Guide to Recruiting and Hiring the Long-term Unemployed. For more information about the breadth of the company’s reach in hiring, visit its website at