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Employer Leadership Roundtable Series

This series brings together organizations from the workforce eco-system to share best practices and recognize industry thought leaders in the ready to work “train to retain” life cycle. These convenings and webinars are held ofter in different parts of the country or online and employers, educators, workforce intermediaries and other stakeholders share best practices that have been implemented to advance hiring ready-to-work talent.


Webinars: October 31 & November 1, 2017

Celebrating Work-Based Learning, Ready To Work Business Collaborative (RTWBC) hosted its first virtual conference promoting partnerships between employers and educators. In this two-part live discussion, panelists addressed the skills gap and how apprenticeships and work-based learning partnerships are offering a practical solution for employers large and small. Key issues are the current and future demand in areas like manufacturing, healthcare and IT. This is the first in a series of Virtual Leadership Roundtables designed for corporate executives, talent acquisition professionals, workforce organization professionals, school and community college faculty, diversity and inclusion managers and professionals responsible for learning and development. The event was co-sponsored by The Manufacturing Institute and Hope Street Group.

Click Here for the agenda, bios and video recordings of the events.


Convening: September 2017

The Ready To Work Business Collaborative held its third in a series of Employer Leadership Roundtables as we promoted the business case for employers to implement more inclusive hiring practices. Hear employer success stories which identified ready to work talent that meet profit goals and objectives.

Keynote Speaker: Chuck Edward, Head of Global Talent Acquisition, Microsoft

Click Here for the agenda and video recordings of the segments.

Convening: June 2017

Working Together Employers and Educators + Skills Gap Solutions was held on June 21, 2017 in Minneapolis, MN. This leadership event sponsored by U. S. Bank and Robert Half promoted partnerships between employers and educators that teach middle skills to non-traditional students who are frequently overlooked in today’s heated job market.

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Convening: March 2017

Our first convening, ‘Ready To Work’ Talent Success and Measurement, sponsored by The Conference Board and PeopleScout, was hosted by Wells Fargo in New York City on March 15, 2017 featuring both larger and smaller employers representing financial services, retail, marketing, staffing and manufacturing. Employers presented potentially replicable success stories implemented to expand more inclusive hiring including upskilled veterans, people with disabilities, opportunity youth and the long term unemployed.

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