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Survey Questions

Your responses to the survey herein support our efforts to build more inclusive hiring best practices targeted at ready to work talent. Please respond to the following questions:
1. Does your company have a current and long range plan for needed skills?
2. Would you consider ready to work talent part of diversity and inclusion?
3. Do you overlook long term unemployed candidates?
4. Have you defined an employment need for a specific hiring initiative?
5. Do you have any ready to work hiring programs implemented?
6. Is there strong leadership commitment to Ready to Work programs?
7. Do your job descriptions and applications include verbiage such as “BA degree from an accredited university", “current experience”, “state of the art”?
8. Do you feel that your in house database system fosters an unintentional bias against the long term unemployed and individuals without a degree?
9. Are your job descriptions typically a job template?
10. Do you measure the difference between employee retention of ready to work candidates vs. traditionally hired employees?
11. Are you working with local colleges/universities to develop workforce-based curricula?
12. Have you determined success by # of hires or employee retention?
13. Has a cost benefit analysis been done for these programs?
14. Is training and communication provided to your Talent Acquisition team that promotes ready to work initiatives?
15. Are hiring managers educated to the benefits of hiring ready to work candidates?
16. Are your programs repeatable and transferable?
17. Would you consider outside training to develop and certify talent acquisition skills for the ready to work?
18. Would you consider membership to the Ready To Work Business Collaborative to help you implement a more robust hiring strategy and best practices?

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June 21, 2017
8:30 am – 5:30 pm
Minneapolis, MN
Hosted by U.S. Bank

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