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University of Oregon is Creating Employment Pathways for Students

March 22, 2017
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By David King, University of Oregon

University Oregon

The University of Oregon is thinking outside of the box when it comes to creating employment pathways for their students. Recognizing there is a skills gap, a disconnect between community college students desiring to continue to a four year degree and those that actually do as well as looking at the unserved and underserved populations within their community. They realize that they need to listen to their local employers and find the disconnect.

The art of education is changing.  They realize that millennials are “employees who study,” not necessarily students training for a new job.  Working with the Portland Business Council, the University of Oregon has ventured out to build a reciprocal corporate learning partnership.  In its developmental stages, they are addressing the needs of manufacturing, healthcare and utilities industries. Working closely with several major employers, they will be developing curriculum that meets the needs of these employers and these employers will be partnering closely with the university to develop the programs that train and produce a well qualified and hirable individual.

There program will be looking to engage the unserved and underserved in their communities. We look forward to hearing more of the success stories of this new program in the future.